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   Tattooking is America's #1 wholesaler of temporary tattoos. Our temporary tattoos are NON-TOXIC, made in the USA and are FDA certified. Temporary tattoos are just the things you need to impress your friends with! Not only can they be put on skin, you can now place them on almost any kind of smooth surface, such as wood, plastic, and even metal!

   Numerous of our temporary tattoo designs are carefully hand-drawn by skilled artists, working precisely with the research and development team. Some may ponder, "What's the difference between hand-drawn tattoos and regular computer generated tattoos?" Well, hand-drawn tattoos look as realistic as if you just came out of the tattoo parlor, minus the pain and cost. All our effort is efficiently paid off to bring our customers the best quality, designs, size, and most of all...PRICE!

   I can see you're excited, but calm down; you don't have to order too much now. Our minimal order is only $14.95.  You can always come back later!